Tri-Load and Tri-Load Renewable from Havells
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Tri-Load and Tri-Load Renewable from Havells 
Feb 08, 2016

Tri-Load and Tri-Load Renewable from Havells

Havells has developed Tri-Load and Tri-Load Renewable, UK specific distribution boards which squarely address the new sub metering requirements to the mutual benefit of installers and end users.

Tri-Load is a unique distribution board offering integral metering with the facility to monitor three independents load types from one digital multi-function meter. The boards can be configured to operate as tri-load, or dual-load, using a simple menu interface. This allows users to identify various different load combinations depending on the project metering requirements. For the installer, the Tri-Load design offers a level of variable composition in terms of the split in usable ways between Lighting and Power circuits. This separate energy monitoring for power, lighting and mechanical services, is the ideal solution for compliance with Part L2 of the Building Regulations.

There are also features designed with the installer in mind which contribute to improved electrical safety. Current Transformers (CTs) are integrated within a single-piece busbar design to reduce the number electrical connections which are commonly required by other manufacturer’s solutions. This reduces potential hot spot failures. All meters and CTs are fully pre-wired and a trunking interface kit is supplied as standard.

Building owners and managers are increasingly looking to renewables such as PV or wind to reduce their buildings energy footprint. To reflect this growing integration of renewable energy sources in modern building such as micro wind and PV systems, the Tri-Load Distribution board range has been further extended to include a Tri-Load Renewable range. Where required, this version of the board is designed to integrate AC generated supplies from renewable sources and capture the generated kWh information. The board design is essentially the same as the standard Tri-Load board, but the top section of the board accommodates MCB’s serving AC circuits for renewable generated supplies. The benefit of the Tri-Load renewable board is that both import and export energy circuits are captured as distinct load types with the information readily available to the buildings energy management system.

The Tri-Load and Tri-load Renewable board has been designed to minimise the amount of on-site work for the contractor (often meaning a reduced number of metered boards are installed), whilst providing the end-user with improved data collection and reporting functionality. The future for electrical contractors working in the commercial environment has to be to consider this type of client-focused solution.

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